B Strong, B Kind, B BennieFactor

From world-renowned Stylist Bennie Pollard comes BennieFactor. These extraordinary products  were designed for the stylist to create and the client to recreate. 

BennieFactor products is a line of performance-driven shampoos, conditioners, styling and finishing products that promote inner as well as outer beauty.  Sophisticated and elegant, each product features positive power names such as B More, B Strong, and B Confident.  The packaging carries famous quotes from notables such as Charles Dickens and Walt Whitman, celebrating intelligence rather than sex appeal.

This product line is unique in its philosophy and dedication to the salon industry.  BennieFactor’s philosophy is to raise public awareness of beauty professional’s importance in contemporary society, promoting positivity, intelligence and sophistication.  As well as, to inspire the creative genius in all of us, by providing salons with the tools necessary for success.

BennieFactor products can be mixed together to create multiple looks with ease, and when used in conjunction, gives both the hairdresser and the client the opportunity to experiment with a variety of styles that can reflect each individuals personality and mood.

BennieFactor  products are now available at Vito Mazza Salon & Spa.   Ask your stylist during your next salon visit for more information, or go to