Elan – Fine European Hair Replacement Systems

Elan is a European hair graft unlike any other in the industry, inspired by the finest European hair restoration salons. Elan is basically just another layer of skin added to the seven layers we already have. The dermal membrane of the Elan graft resembles a layer of human skin in transparency and thickness. In fact, it’s so thin that your scalp can be seen right through it making for the most natural hair replacement system in the industry. Although the hair is not growing from this membrane, no one would ever know it’s not your own growing hair.The Elan hair graft can be styled in as many ways as your own growing hair, even straight back off your face, exposing the most challenging part of the graft… The Hairline. Would you like your hair cut short and spiked up? No problem. How about long flowing hair parted in the middle or on the side? No problem. How about a more refined cut to go with your fine tailored suit. No problem.  Any of these looks can be achieved with Elan. So what are you waiting for?A simple phone call to the thinning hair experts at Vito Mazza Salon will start you on your way to looking and feeling better about yourself, which will lead to better relationships, better business dealings and an overall youthful appearance.Call (732) 636-0119 today and setup your private, complimentary consultation. You will be amazed at what can be achieved.