Ultratress Hair Extensions…get more out of your hair!

You want more from yourself, for yourself, in everything you do. You want to make the most of what you have, what you were given… and that includes your hair.Welcome to Ultratress II – the added dimension to a more beautiful you.Your hair is what you make of it, long or short, straight or curly. Your hair is what you want it to be… for most women. But what about those who can’t because their hair just isn’t thick enough, full enough. For those women, there is Ultratress II.Ultratress II are more than just extensions because of the way they are applied. You can have the length you desire, the fullness that you always wanted… all within a couple of hours.If you would like to see what Ultratress can do for you, call (732) 636-0119 and the experts at Vito Mazza Salon will show you in a free, private consultation. Call today.