Women and Hair Loss

Why women lose hair?There are nearly 40 million women in America who suffer from some level of hair loss. Ten million of them are under the age of 40. While it’s common to see and hear about men’s hair loss, women’s hair loss is not often spoken about. Although it’s socially acceptable for a man to lose his hair, it’s devastating for women.  Women lose hair for a variety of reasons including changes in hormone levels, stress and anxiety, vitamin deficiency and certain medications to name a few… but the overwhelming majority of women suffer from what is known as androgenetic hair loss or female pattern baldness.What can be done?There are a variety of solutions to help women with hair loss including topical products like minoxidil, wigs, hair transplantation, hair augmentation and laser hair therapy. Laser hair therapy is the most recent treatment program developed to help combat hair loss. This procedure utilizes cool laser technology to provide nourishment to the scalp and over time, many women have achieved much success. Hair augmentation is used for women who have a more significant hair loss problem where other solutions just won’t work.  Topical solutions like minoxidil, which is FDA approved, may also help in some cases.What is the next step?If you are a woman suffering from the emotional stress caused by hair loss, call the Vito Mazza Salon today at (732) 636-0119. The hair loss specialists at Vito Mazza will provide a complimentary, private consultation for you and give you all your treatment options. Vito Mazza has helped women and men combat hair loss for over 42 years. Don’t wait any longer, make the call today and take the first step to a full and healthy head of hair!