A Time For Giving Thanks

Every Holiday Season, I like to remember all that I am grateful for and count my blessings.  I am blessed with a great family and friends.  I am also blessed to work with a wonderful group of people who inspire me every day. First there is our Skin Team…a group of intelligent women whose passion for skincare is paramount.  This team makes it their mission on a daily basis to help every client overcome any and all skin concerns.  They are 100% dedicated to working with every client in reaching their skincare goals.  Our Massage Team consists of seven of the most nurturing women whose love for massage therapy is evident in every service that they do.  Their caring touch and positive energy heals the hurts of many!Our talented nail team will give you the best pedicure in town all while entertaining you and creating an oasis from your daily stress.  They will welcome you and treat you like family during every visit.  Lastly there is our behind-the-scenes spa assistants who keep the spa stocked and running smoothly without missing a beat.  Each individual on our spa team is as unique as a snowflake and together as a team they are like a freshly fallen snow that glisten with a beauty that is the core of this spa! (I know its corny but with this past weekend’s snowfall I really could not resist!) Their talents, education in their fields and their compassion for others are what make the Vito Mazza Spa so special.   So this holiday season as I count my blessings, and remember what I have to be thankful for, I want to say thank you to Renee, Michele, Nancy, Krys V. CJ, Isabella, Sharene, Krisztina, Colleen, Luanna, Jessica, Tracie, Leigh, Jesse, Fabiana, Carmen, Kathy, Qadriyyah, Lauren, Rossio, Ana, Lucia and Joan for all of your hard work and dedication, the lessons that you taught me throughout the year and I look forward to a great 2010 with each of you! ~Christie