Teeth Whitening is here!

Come in and try our latest service! SpaWhite by White Science will have you smiling with confidence.  Drinking coffee, tea or wine -as well as smoking and eating strongly pigmented food can discolor teeth making you look older than you actually are.  WhiteScience ‘s Spa White treatment removes stains by penetrating the tooth structure rejuvenating the color of your teeth.  With hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient, the FDA has classified this as a cosmetic product.  The peroxide is activated by the use of a ‘cool blue’  5K light system.  It is a safe, effective treatment that will give great results in 20 minutes!  SpaWhite will even remove surface staining from caps and crowns.  With the Holidays coming up, now is the time to sparkle!  For the month of December, you will receive a free 25 minute Skin Refresher facial treatment when you have your teeth whitened.  You will also be entered in to win a free teeth whitening session.  The cost of a single session is $149.  A brighter smile is in your future.  Call today 732-636-0119