Benefits of a pedicure throughout the winter months

Receiving a pedicure by your nail technician shouldn’t only be limited to the spring/summer season.  Maintaining your feet every few weeks throughout the year is vital to our physical health as well as our mental being. Keep in mind that our feet carry five times our body weight. If they aren’t cared for regularly, complications such as aches, poor circulation, dry heel cracking, calloused skin and ingrown toenails may develop. When your feet are in great condition, chances are you will feel comforted and pleased with yourself.  It isn’t necessary to have your toes polished with every pedicure.  Allowing your toenails to go without polish for a few months will prevent them from becoming brittle as well as restoring them back to their natural shade. Just because winter months are here, doesn’t mean you should stop going to the salon to treat yourself to the soothing, relaxing experience of a pedicure. – Qadriyyah D. Owens