Must Have Products for Winter Hair !

Want to fight the effects of icy winds, dry air and styling? This winter, get healthy-looking, shiny and smooth hair you deserve with Vito Mazza’s exclusive salon products.Winter can be tough on our moods, driving conditions and even our hair! The cold climate, combined with the tendency to overdo heat styling in the winter, can  leave you hair looking flat, dull and lifeless. In addition, the dry air can also rob your hair of the vital nourishing moisture that it needs to stay smooth and healthy-looking.Healthy- looking winter hair starts in the shower; a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner are the first step in your product selection. Try Bennie Factor’s 16 oz B Balanced Conditioning Shampoo and B Strong Deep Conditioner.  Both products help to restore hair’s natural moisture and provide luster and softness.You’ll also want to use an intensive weekly treatment. Try Tahe’s Energy Treatment- in 10 minutes, the advanced hydrating formula helps stop winter frizz and flyways.  Energy is great for anyone who wants to keep the shine and softness locked in to their hair.Another way to protect your hair?   Avoid potentially damaging heat styling.   Make sure hair is 75% dry before turning on a blow dryer. And when you do switch it on, keep it on the cool side. Don’t be afraid to turn up the heat with Scruples Heat Up styling & finishing thermal spray.  It protects hair from the environment as well as thermal styling abuse.  Heat Up delivers control, texture and shine. Stop in to browse our retail center!  Products can be ordered on-line as well as over the phone.  Shipping is always free!