5 Signs You Need A Hair Makeover

Ringing in the New Year for some means resolutions and big changes. For others it means small tweaks in a routine or a few self-improvement projects, which can range from weight loss to a new wardrobe. As every stylist knows, the best way to improve your overall look starts with the hair. Whether it’s a new cut, different color or simply a unique way of styling, a change in hairstyle is the first step to a major makeover.We polled our team of Vito Mazza  stylist to create our  Top 5 Signs You Need a Hair Makeover!  Don’t be left in the dark when it comes your tresses.  Zero in on our 5  most important clues to redo your look.Sign #1  Your hair has no volume or movement.Sign # 2 Your not receiving compliments on your hair anymore.Sign # 3 Your hair and skin tone match.Sign #4 You pull your hair into a ponytail all the time.Sign #5 Your spending more then 25 minutes styling your hair.Winter plays havoc on your hair with harsh weather and damaging  environmental factors. March is the perfect month to start rehab for your hair.  With spring around the corner its time  for a visit to your favorite stylist at Vito Mazza Salon & Spa.