Are you using the right skincare products?

Are you tired of spending money on numerous skin products and not seeing the desired results?  If so, it is time for you to get a professional skin analysis!  Let our trained skin therapists look at your skin and prescribe the products that are right for you!  Most people are afraid that a “professionally” recommended product will cost a lot more money and in this economy just can’t afford it.  This is a myth! A lot of “drug store shelf” products spend more on the pretty advertising than they do on the actual ingredients.  This can result in using more product which overtime can result in higher spending!  Our skincare line is Dermalogica, which is made from only the finest ingredients and can be customized to your EVERY skin concern.  Because of the superior concentration of ingredients, products will last longer, becoming more of an economically sound investment.  Book your complimentary skin analysis today to have healthier skin –and more money in your pocket- tomorrow!