Box Color Vs. Salon Color

Haircolor is a big business for TV and salons.  On TV the commercials make it so very appealing to want to run to the closest grocery store and grab that very inexpensive box of beautiful color.   They show pictures of beautiful long flowing locks while the model is so gracefully applying color in her bathroom. Have you ever wondered what the reality is here?  First of all, they usually use a well known celebrity or model.  We know that the celebrity sporting that color did not do their own color for the shoot.  You will always find a professional hairdresser behind making that $7.00 box of color look so enticing. We often have clients that ask the difference regarding box color and professional color.  Below are a few questions asked most.Q. Will a box color cover my grey?A.  In the salon stylists can customize color to your specific hair, every color,every formula is different.  We can control certain tones in your hair such as reds or can formulate color to cover the toughest grey.Q.  Why should I get permanent color instead of semi?A.  Box color has a much higher PH level thus being more damaging to hair, it also contains metallic dye which is extremely difficult to remove.Q.  How often should I color my hair?A.  The frequency of your hair color application varies from client to client.  hair growth, sun exposure, and product usage can all be determining factors.  Ask your stylist for a time table for your hair.Q.  Will it damage my hair?A.  Damage in professional color is limited because of stylist ability to formulate. Remember box color can not take your hair into consideration it is strictly a hit or miss.  Quality, professional haircolor is an investment, and insurance that you will be able to attain that gorgeous haircolor that you desire!  Book your complimentary hair color consultation today!