Relax Snow-Weary Muscles with Massage Therapy

After a brutal winter of back- to- back snowstorms, every muscle in your body wants to wave the white flag in defeat!  Shoveling heavy snow and ice can cause muscle strains in your back, shoulders arms and legs. Even if you use proper form (bend with your knees –not your back) you may still be prone to muscle soreness the next day.  The best way to remedy the soreness is with massage therapy.  A therapeutic massage will relieve tired and sore muscles and will speeds recovery time from strenuous physical activity.   Incorporating a topical analgesic such as Biofreeze to the massage or adding heat (such as warm stones) will allow for a deeper tissue manipulation thus relaxing muscles. With three weeks of winter left, defy Old Man Winter by recharging and restoring your well-being. Make your massage appointment today.    732-636-0119