A Cost Effective Way To Take Care of Yourself

We all know the benefits of getting a massage on a regular basis and we have seen the dramatic results when a professional skin treatment is incorporated into our daily routines. Vito Mazza now offers you a cost effective way to receive the services that are going to make you look and feel better. The New VM Wellness Series is offered in 3,6 or 12 month packages. You will save $45 when you prepay for either three massages or facials. With the series 6, you are paying for five services and getting one free, plus 10% off product purchases. With the series 12, you are paying for ten and receiving 2 services free, plus 15% off product purchases! With the series 6 and 12, payment plans are available bringing the cost down to less than what you probally spend eating out every month-and it’s a lot healthier! Call to find out more. 732-636-0119