Vito Mazza… An Intercoiffure Salon

Vito Mazza Salon is proud to be an Intercoiffure Salon.  Membership to Intercoiffure is considered a highly prized distinction. The salon bearing the Intercoiffure emblem is, without question, a “top of the line” salon. Intercoiffure salons hold the finest personal and professional reputations and maintain a universal commitment to excellence. They operate outstanding businesses and are known for both their professional and technical expertise.  In order to qualify, a salon must be regarded as the top salon in the area and state in which they operate. Applicants are required to participate in a rigorous application and interview process for consideration by the Board of Directors. The Board who looks to for primary membership consideration, must be knowledgeable in all facets of the industry and must also be a licensed hairdresser/cosmetologist closely regards the salon owner. He must demonstrate their acute business sense, prove their exceptional integrity, and illustrate their involvement in “giving back” to their community. Intercoiffure salons function at levels far beyond that of “beauty salon”. They are always state-of-the-art and offer an array of client services. The international press knows several members as established leaders in the industry. Through their commitment to continue to be a beacon to all consumers looking for the best services and the most skilled and artistic hair designers and hair colorist. There are currently 250 Intercoiffure salons in the United States, 17 in Canada and over 2,000 worldwide.