What is Oncology Massage?

 Oncology massage is bodywork that is designed specific to the needs of people who are dealing with cancer and/or its treatments.   It may incorporate Eastern and Western techniques to strengthen both the physical and the emotional.  This massage can help reduce anxiety and depression, enhance body image and relieve symptoms such as nausea, pain, fatigue, insomnia, and muscle tension.    What to expect: –           A detailed intake will be completed, including the kind of cancer you have (or had), your treatment history, your current treatment, any symptoms or side-effects you are experiencing, and any medical devices or lymph node involvement you might have –           Any area of your body that has compromised lymph nodes will be honored with special techniques so as not to cause lymphedema –           Depending on issues specific to your body, the position you lie in will be modified to accommodate any surgical or radiation sites or specific medical devices you might have.             (Maybe you still have that port for chemotherapy infusions.) –           The pressure and duration of the massage will be determined after the massage therapist has discussed the above with client