Attention Techies!

Are you spending hours on end hunched over your computer? How about continually checking the latest scoop from your Blackberry?  Does your leisure time consist of catching up on emails and reading from your I pad, NOOK or KINDLE?   Modern technology has made life so easy for us-anything that we want is literally a mouse click away-but it has also caused aches and pains in our neck shoulders and even our forearms and hands.  If you have noticed theses aches and pains after hours of fiddling around with the latest gadgets, then you need a TECHIE TIME-OUT MASSAGE!  Our new 25- minute massage will focus on releasing the tension and pain in your neck, shoulders, hands and forearms as well as soothe computer weary eyes with a cooling herbal eye treatment.  After this massage you will feel refreshed and invigorated…ready to tweet and facebook about your awesome experience!Call us today to set up your appointment! 732-636-0119