Tips for Healthy Summer Hair

Do you want to maintain your tresses  during the summer months?  Summer sun, heat, humidity, and chlorine from the pool or beach can damage your hair’s cuticle and result in dry, dull, frizzy hair and split ends.  Keeping your hair healthy and well moisturized is key to preventing summer damage.  Here’s how you keep your hair beautiful all season long.Helpful Hints for Healthy Summer Hair…Split ends are always a big problem during the summer months.  To avoid them, you should have your hair trimmed on a regular basis.  Our stylist recommend getting your hair cut every 6 weeks.  By getting your hair cut every 6 weeks you can eliminate split ends and damaged hair.   You should also purchase a leave in conditioner for your hair if you will be exposed to the sun for several hours.  Our stylists recommend Tahe Sun Repair which provided shine, flexibility and protection against sun damage.  This product is also water repellent!  If you have color treated hair, using a leave in conditioner with SPF protection will prevent your hair color from fading.Take special care of color-treated hair by deep conditioning your hair using a hair mask.  Tahe Solar Hair Mask replenishes moisture to the hair and scalp exposed to sun & chlorine.  Color-treated hair is already damaged, the sun will make the cuticle even rougher which makes hair more fragile and dried out.  Wet your hair before swimming in a pool. If your hair is wet before you enter a pool, it won’t soak up as mush chlorine.  Rinse with cool water, lightly towel dry and  add a small amount of leave in conditioner. Don’t forget to clean and condition your hair after swimming.  As soon as you can get to a shower rinse out those harsh chemicals.  Chlorine and salt tend to cling to your hair, and are hard to shampoo out.  Tahe Solar Champu is  a restorative shampoo especially for hair exposed to salt water, sun and chlorine.  Don’t forget to rinse with cool water!Summer sun and summer humidity are your hairs worst enemy.  Remember to protect your hair  pool side or on the beach.  Beachy hair when following our helpful hints   can be  fun,  flirty & low maintenance. Check out our Tahe Solar Line exclusively at Vito Mazza Salon.    Be inspired. Be Beautiful.