Back to School with Vito Mazza

 Is your child ready for the new school year?  September’s fast approaching and moms you know what that means…  Back to school haircuts!  Every child wants to look their best with a cool, attractive back to school cut & style.    Today’s back to school hairstyles have to achieve a lot.  They need to be both trendy and low maintenance. For many children going to a hairstylist can be fun but there are some, particularly younger ones  that simply don’t like it. For those kids who always make a fuss at the salon a short style is best.  A short style on a child last months, is easy to manage and takes less time in the morning.   Even for children who love going to the salon, a short hairstyle is still  ideal.  Here are our stylist top picks for your kid’s Back to School Look!   The Bob:   This style looks great, easy to maintain and appeals to both moms & kids.  Mid-Length with Bangs:  This style is an easy to do look that frames the face and emphasize the eyes. There are some children particularly, girls who like to keep their hair long.  Long hair is not hard to manage on a child if it is well cared for.  Hair should be brushed twice a day to avoid  the pain of tangles and knots.  It is also important to condition the hair to keep it tangle free.   If you have a boy, a well cut, short hairstyle is the most appropriate back to school look.  Now thru September 20th Back to School Haircuts with Angie, Daina & Luz are only $10.00 on a Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday!  (12 years or younger)    Book your Back to School appointment today to make sure your child looks their best!