High-powered blow-dryer

Elchim 2001 Professional Hair Dryer is the greatest professional hairdryer in the world, powerful yet practical.  Elchim style is chosen by the stylists at Vito Mazza Salon for its perfect balance between power, performance and working time.  This high pressure hair dryer is the only one in the world that reduces drying time by 50%.  It also protects the hair by producing a high flow of air that does not overheat to the point of harming the hair. By combining high velocity air flow with superior heat control, Elchim has produced a dryer that will leave your hair soft, supple and shinny-in half the time of other dryers without damaging.  Easy to use and Stylish, this light weight dyer is a pleasure to use.  Built with top quality components, made in Italy it’s built to last!  Experience your next blow out the Elchim Way!