Eliminate Frizz with Keratin Treatment

Tired of frizzy, curly, or unruly hair?  The Keratin Treatment is definitely the treatment for you!  Can’t wait 4 days to wash your hair?  No Problem, we now offer the 24 hour Keratin Treatment.  This means no down time, no inconvenience or hassle in trying to work your schedule around your hair! This treatment is not ment to straighten hair completely.  It is more comparable to a deep  conditioning treatment.  The Keratin Treatment will help heal and strengthen damaged hair and eliminate frizz. At Vito Mazza Salon we use the Sunpure Brazilian Keratin Treatment.  It is a unique formula that uses two types of natural keratin and is Formaldehyde FREE!  The formula is enriched with vitamins from plants such as apple pulp and vanilla.     Marci P. recently had her Keratin Treatment done with stylist Jennifer Loprete and loved it!  ”  Getting the Brazilian Keratin Treatment was a fabulous idea for me.  I was having trouble with my hair frizzing and it took me a while  to blow dry my hair.  Since getting the treatment I have found my hair is much more supple and much more manageable.  My blow drying has been cut in half and my hair frizzing is a thing of the past.  I highly recommend this treatment.”   Book  Your Appointment Today!