Education through the eyes of a Skin Therapist

I had recently taken an exciting  Dermalogica product knowledge class in NYC.  It was a 2 day course: ‘ Dermalogica Live Product Knowledge in the Treatment Room’ and ‘Dermalogica Retail’.  I found it to be so helpful in my practice as an Esthetician.  They went over each product’s ingredients and benefits as well as give great tips on how to customize each service to your clients’ needs.  Between the retail products and the professional products they each have something special to offer, whether it be for a specific skin condition or a skin type.  It may seem overwhelming to learn them all in just 2 days but the way the teacher explained the ingredients and how to use each one makes it so simple to remember.  I look forward to going back and learning more about their Medibac, Anti-Aging, and Ultra Calming lines.  Dermalogica is giving me the tools to Provide Outstanding Client Service…Always- and an education that I can share with all of the clients that visit with me.   –K Bartus-Russo