Power Ingredient-Seaweed

Woman Walking on a Beach

As written by  Brittany Fischer

Seaweed looks pretty gross and feels pretty slimy, but when you use it in your beauty products, it makes you just plain pretty. According to this article, La Mer, La Prairie, and Kiehl’s have all built their empires on this ingredient alone. It is a miracle-worker, known to simultaneously minimize pores, control shine, soothe and soften your skin, speed cell turnover, and even protect your skin against UV rays.

More and more people are figuring out that natural ingredients are better for their skin every second, so seaweed is even beginning to appear in mainstream brands like Lush and the Body Shop. But there is a lot of discrepancy in the quality of what’s out there. The technique with which companies handle seaweed plays a big role in how effective the products are, and many brands are slacking in this department. In the aforementioned article, Helen Ambrosen, arts and sciences coordinator and co-founder of Lush explains, “I believe that if things are picked apart too much, they lose their magic. Everybody knows that an apple is better for you than a vitamin tablet.”

Repêchage KILLS it in this field. Pioneers in seaweed-based products, Repêchage uses organic, freshly harvested seaweeds that are processed utilizing a proprietary method to maintain rich vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and amino acids. There’s a reason why this is one of the most popular brands carried at luxurious five star spas around the globe: their products work amazingly well. Oh, and they’re on sale on Gloss48 right now!

The owner of renowned spa TraMi Skincare in Santa Cruz, CA, writes on her website, “After months of research and attending countless manufacturers’ seminars and product trials, I’ve decided to carry Repêchage products. The seaweed is harvested from the coast of France, but the actual manufacturing of the product is in the USA! I have confidence that the products are properly manufactured with quality control measures. In addition, Repêchage’s philosophy on skincare resonates with my personal beliefs: slow, gentle, and natural, with a proven scientific edge.”

Their luxurious collection rejuvenates, nourishes, hydrates, rebalances, and purifies your skin. Our CEO Jill has been a devoted fan for months (which, when you’re a beauty junkie who is constantly receiving free samples of new and exciting products, is a VERY long time).

Jill is so in love with the brand that she has written two blog posts about it, each featuring a different product that she tried and loved. Here’s a little snippet from her first post:

“I am definitely one of those people who develops sizable obsessions with beauty products. My obsessions typically fall into the lip or hair category. I rarely develop skincare obsessions. I have my tried and true routine and I kind of stick to it. Then along came Repechage, this very unique seaweed-based line of skincare, body care, mineral makeup, and hair care. I had seen and heard of Repechage a few times over the past several years. But . . . after meeting Shiri Sarfati (the company’s Vice President), and trying the products, I have officially developed a skincare obsession. I’ve been using (okay, abusing) the cleanser for a few days now. And I could swear I heard someone call out to Jennifer Aniston when I crossed the street yesterday. OK not really. But my skin is noticeably clearer and much less dry.”

Fast forward to today: I’m creepily checking out Jill’s skin as she sits at her desk typing away, and let me just say, I’m officially a Repechage fan. The first word that comes to mind is luminous: her skin is bright, crystal clear, and incredibly even, and I happen to know that she’s quite sleep-deprived at the moment, so I’m impressed.