Minoxidil Bosley Hair ReGrowth Treatment Options for Men and Women



Hair loss is a tough thing to deal with, and if you’re going through it, you already know the challenges. Thinning Hair Solutions by Vito Mazza Salon has solutions for both men and women that are designed to slow the loss of or help regrow hair once the transition begins.  Minoxidil is a regrowth treatment intended for men and women who have a general thinning of the hair on the top of the scalp.    Coupled with Low Level Laser Hair Therapy, Minoxidil has been clinically proven to regrow hair.

For Men: We all know that many men lose their hair as they get older – It’s just a fact of nature. But sometimes, the transition through hair loss isn’t easy, no matter how common. It also doesn’t make it easier if it starts happening a lot earlier than you’d like. Luckily, there is something out there that can help. And yes, it actually works.

The Minoxidil Bosley Hair Regrowth Treatment is an FDA-approved treatment that is actually clinically proven to help regrow and slow down hair loss in some cases.  The Bosley Hair Regrowth Treatment with Minoxidil offers a powerful but gentle 5% strength formula that can get you results. Try it today and start regrowing your hair easily and effectively.

For Women: Unfortunately, women aren’t immune to the effects of aging either, and like men, women can lose their hair or suffer from their hair thinning over time. For a woman, hair loss is more than just frustrating. It’s embarrassing. Going from a head of full, beautiful locks to one that’s thinning and dull can be tougher than it seems. Don’t worry. There’s a Minoxidil Bosley Hair Regrowth Treatment out there for women too.

The Minoxidil Bosley Hair Regrowth Treatment for Women uses a less concentrated, 2% formula that still delivers great results. It is strongly advised that women only use the 2% formula designed for women. The stronger 5% strength formula designed for men will most likely spike hair growth in unwanted areas on women due to the rinsing process.

Backed with FDA approval and clinical trials, the Bosley Hair Regrowth Treatment for women is just what you’ve been looking for to regain control of your beautiful head of hair so that you can feel confident and secure. You’re beautiful just the way you are – but the Bosley Hair Regrowth Treatment can make you feel your best! Find out if Bosley’s Professional Strength Minoxidil is right for you!