The Deva Curl Experience

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Calling all Curls!! Vito Mazza Salon & Spa is happy and proud to launch the Deva Curl experience to our curly haired guests. During the month of July several members of our salon team became certified Deva Curl specialists and we launched the Deva Curl home care line.

As someone who has curly hair you may have experienced having your hair cut to short or layered to much causing you to be not only dissatisfied with your cut but leery to have a stylist cut your hair out of fear. You may also have struggled at home to style, tame, or define your curls. We are excited to be able to bring this new service and home care line to you to better serve your hair care needs.

Deva Curl has the acclaimed approach to cutting. This is a unique method of cutting that combines technical and intuitive techniques for curly hair. The Deva Cut takes the curls into groups called curl groups or the curl to curl approach while using minimal tension. These techniques cater to curly hair better than traditional cutting. The Deva Cut is also performed on dry hair in order to allow the true curl behavior to be seen and receive optimal results. No combs are used during this haircut as the fingers are used in the place of combs. This hair cut can be performed on curly hair to wavy hair in order to ensure balance within in the cut.


Curly guests understand that to tame or define their curls home care is a must. DevaCurl products are the best thing to happen to curly hair. The entire collection is designed for curly hair clients that are either super curly, wavy or chemically treated. There are no harsh or dehydrating detergents. There are 100% sulfate free, silicone free and paraben free. They are also dermatologist tested. The entire line contains only moisturizing and water soluble botanicals that rejuvenate, restore and respect curls in their natural state.


After your Deva Cut you will proceed to our cleansing and conditioning bar for the Deva Curl 3 Step treatment which cleanses hydrates and defines your curls. This service is also available separately and is a great way to come in and try out the products line to see how you like them and to see how your hair looks and feels after using the products.


Step 1 is the Cleanse. You wet the curls thoroughly and then apply DevaCurl No Poo or Deva Curl Low Poo between your hands and work vigorously throughout the scalp. Work through the ends and rinse well. No Poo and Low Poo are zero lathering conditioned cleansers that guarantee the healthiest and bounciest curls.


Step 2 is Hydrate. Using your fingers gently glide a generous amount of DevaCurl One Condition to the mid-lengths and ends of curls. Work through the scalp if additional hydration is needed. Do not completely rinse this off, leave a little bit of the product on your hair.


Step 3 is Define. Apply Deva Curl Light Defining Gel (for flexible styling and natural hold) or Ultra Defining Gel (for ultimate curl retention and a long lasting hold) across the surface of the curls to evenly distribute the products. It is recommended to apply directly to the hair after conditioning but do not towel dry. After applying the gel you can begin to scrunch upward. Scrunching upward  will release any excess water in your hair. The product dissolves into the hair instantly! You can either diffuse or air dry and the curls will be left bouncier and more hydrated.

Deva Curl has also created a line of home care products and styling tools make especially for the curly hair guests. Deva Curl also has their own Deva Towel which a microfiber towel and they have gloves that you can use to dry your hair. Microfiber fabric helps in drying the curls in a fast way without causing frizz. They also have their own diffuser which is the shape of a hand that provides more heat in a controlled setting that dries the curls without causing frizz.


We are so excited to bring this amazing technique and product line to our guests. Come in today to for a 3 Step styling with one of our Deva Curl certified stylists and receive 20% off  your personal Deva Curl home care  products by mentioning this blog!!