A Pedicure in Winter? YES!

By Erika Gravato

Having beautifully polished toe-nails is a summer must have for most women, however, just because the weather will soon mean ditching the flip-flops for a nice pair of boots, it shouldn’t mean neglecting your feet until Spring.


Keep enjoying the benefits of monthly pedicures all winter long to keep your feet in optimal condition. If you don’t feel like braving the colder weather with exposed feet, skip the polish and opt for nails that are buffed to a natural shine.  More than that, without the application of polish, your technician will have a few extra minutes for slightly longer massage.  That’s a little bonus that our male clients have been enjoying for years.


Regular pedicures during the winter months are essential to maintaining the overall health of your feet. Your nail technician has a trained eye to see any potential problems related to your feet.  If you hide your feet away for months on end, you could be missing out on spotting a potential problem that could adversely affect the health of your feet.  This could be anything from spotting a developing bunion or a mole on the bottom of your foot you might not be able to see.  While a nail technician is not a medical diagnostician, when we see potential problems, we refer our clients to doctors when necessary.


Did you know that cutting your toenails too short can lead to problems such as ingrown nails and infection?  Your nail technician has a better point of view to ensure that toenails are clipped and filed short enough for your comfort, but long enough to keep the protective seal between your nail and the nail bed underneath it.  Breaking that seal (in technical terms, this is called the hypnonychium) can allow bacteria and dirt into the nail bed which can lead to infection.  Allow our trained experts to care for your feet.


In addition to maintaining the physical health of your feet and legs, pedicures can provide total body relaxation. All of our pedicures at Vito Mazza end with a calf and foot massage.  Massage has been proven to increase circulation and improve the emotional well being of the the recipient.  What better way to unwind after a stressful week at work than with a warm water soak (especially delightful after that puddle of slush you just stepped in) and a trained technician expertly caring for your tired feet and legs?  Our new pipeless tubs ensure safety and cleanliness for your peace of mind.  A small fan circulates the air in the water to create movement, but there are no traditional jets.  The only pipe is to drain the tub, which is cleaner and safer for you.


Enjoy the benefits of pedicures all winter long at Vito Mazza. When that first nice day of warm weather arrives in Spring, you’ll be flip flop ready and confident to show off the feet you’ve been caring for.