Escape to the Mediterranean with Us


Mediterranean Services 2  Icy weather with a side of post-holiday sluggishness got you cursing winter?  , featuring products from Bella Luccè and Eco-Fin 

Added to the steaming water of your pedicure whirlpool, the Ancient Red Sea Salt Soak contains Epsom and Dead Sea salts to reduce swelling and relieve muscle tension, Moroccan lava clay to stimulate circulation, and coconut milk to soften and condition the skin.  Lower legs and feet are then scrubbed smooth with the Exotic Date & Wild Honey Buff: Turkish coffee, organic sugar, and real vanilla beans in sweet almond and pomegranate oils infused with pure honey, real dates, red sandalwood and Moroccan lava clay

 Sometimes you have to get dirty to get clean… quite literally, with the Sandalwood Infused Dead Sea Mud!  Applied after exfoliation, this pure, sterilized mud is rich in natural minerals that gently cleanse delicate skin for a brighter, smoother complexion with a natural moisture balance.

 All that hydration is locked in with a fragrant Eco-Fin Oil Infusion Treatment, and a soothing massage is performed with Nourishing Sandalwood & Almond Crème.  This nourishing body crème blends natural sweet almond, pomegranate and olive oils with pure fig extract and rich kokum butter (kokum butter -derived from the Garcinia Indica tree, native to India- works to reduce the development of wrinkles and restore skins elasticity).  

 Wishing you could relive all this glorious relaxation 24/7?  The Desert Oasis Body & Linen Mist is a non-staining mist that adds a sophisticated scent to your whole home. The aloe-infused, pH balanced formula adds a light veil of moisture that’s safe for skin, and will leave you smelling fabulous.

 Oh, did I forget to mention that this pedicure comes with a decadent, bakery-fresh cookie?  Just sayin’.