Transforming Your Hair Treatments

At Vito Mazza, we provide our technicians with the latest in education and our clients with the latest in products and technology. We are beyond excited to launch a brand new conditioning treatment at our salon backbar … the Biolage Carbonizing Powder treatment! Matrix is first to market this exclusive powder to the industry. This in-salon service features Biolage’s new carbonizing powder. The innovative product enhances the properties and efficiency of any Biolage conditioner at the backbar. The powder boosts the penetration of active ingredients and botanicals into the hair, which amplifies the effect of the conditioner. It also stimulates blood circulation while being massaged onto the scalp and neutralizes the pH level of any chemical service. The results? Your hair will be healthier, more hydrated, silky and shiny! The best part is that this powder can be mixed with any Biolage conditioner or mask, which means that the treatment can be customized to your hair type and needs.(Note this treatment IS safe for color and chemically treated hair!)

The winter season is upon us and during this time of year our hair takes a beating! This treatment is perfect to add extra hydration, volume, strength, and shine to the hair. You can add this service to your haircut appointment; we ask that you allow an additional fifteen minutes to your appointment so you can enjoy and relax during the treatment. There is an additional charge of $10 for this treatment.

To schedule your reservation today contact our guest service representatives at (732) 636-0119.