Friday, September 12th, 2014
A new season is upon us and it’s time to update your best accessory… your hair! This season is all about simple, effortless and gorgeous hair.     Texture: This season is all about effortless, loose and easy going waves. It’s not about having perfectly curled hair, but more of a wavy look. Think of the whole “I woke up […]

911 for Summer Skin

Friday, September 12th, 2014
  As summer winds down, now is the time to acquaint yourself with seaweed! Let’s face it, that summer “glow” is temporary however, the lasting effects of accelerated aging-lines, wrinkles and hyper pigmentation- is permanent. Don’t let summers “too- much- fun- in- the- sun” prohibit you from putting your best face forward this fall! Treat […]

10 minutes of massage can make you feel like a million bucks!

Friday, September 5th, 2014
  Though we would all prefer to indulge in a 50, 75 or even 100 minute massage, sometimes there just isn’t that much time in a busy day to be spared. The good news is that a 10-15 minute massage has the healthy benefits to reduce stress.   Researchers have discovered a brief 10-minute massage […]

Stay younger-looking longer

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014
Think you’re too young for grey hairs and crow’s feet?  To help avoid early skin aging, we wanted to share some tips with you! Always good advice from our friends at Repechage… Selfies – I know it’s shocking, but striking a pose in your selfies can cause creases in your face.Change up your selfie face […]

Meet our Massage Therapist, Cindy

Thursday, August 14th, 2014
  I never really knew what I wanted to do with my life. All I knew was I wanted to be happy- and I wanted to make people around me happy. I got into massage therapy and became a massage therapist for Vito Mazza 4 years ago, starting a journey that allows me to find […]

The Deva Curl Experience

Friday, August 1st, 2014
Calling all Curls!! Vito Mazza Salon & Spa is happy and proud to launch the Deva Curl experience to our curly haired guests. During the month of July several members of our salon team became certified Deva Curl specialists and we launched the Deva Curl home care line. As someone who has curly hair you […]

The answer to tired, puffy eyes!

Friday, July 25th, 2014
I suffer from Seasonal Allergies that cause my eyes to look tired and puffy. I tried Repechage’s New “Biolight Frost Bright Eye Contour Gel”….. It instantly depuffed and awakened my tired looking eyes with it’s cooling ingredients and caffeine.   This light weight product takes care of the trifecta of concerns we all have, combating puffiness, dark […]

Healthy Hair Healthy Scalp

Thursday, April 17th, 2014
Hoping for longer, healthier hair? New and existing hair growth starts from a healthy scalp. Hair loss and slow growing hair can be a product of clogged follicles or product build up lying at the base of your roots.  The scalp is an extension of the face. Just as pores can become clogged on the […]

Recover With Confidence

Saturday, March 8th, 2014
Recover with Confidence, a nationwide group of dedicated hair loss professionals provides products and services to women who have been afflicted with hair loss due to cancer. Thinning Hair Solutions by Vito Mazza Salon is proud to be its local partner and provider in offering patients individualized products and support to aid in their recovery […]

Hollywood Actor Confesses All About How He ‘Conceals’ His Hairloss

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014
  A third of men lose their hair by the age of 30 and two-thirds by the time they’re 60-but baldness can be an issue for some people.  Two Hollywood actors have recently come clean about their use of instant cures. First Jon Cryer, 48, the star of US sitcom Two and A Half Men, […]